About Us

International Image & Design (II&D) was founded many decades ago by Lew Grothe when we (the family) thought we'd like to set up and run a busines doing a combination of photography and import/export on a part-time basis. While II&D was always envisioned (and run) like a business, we never made a killing.

When Lew left his 18 year career with AT&T, Bell Labs, Lucent Technology, Avaya, we morphed the II&D into a Class C General Contracting (construction), maintenance (Lew's roots from 25 years earlier were in the trades) and, property management company. After 6 years and a hideous attempt at merging with another company, we realized we could do everything but make money so we closed that business (although we still do a small amount of property management and maintenance) and Lew went back to his technology passions and roots.

The great news is that with today's technologies and processes, a single person can do a lot on the web. I have a collections of friends, acquaintances and contacts that help out in areas where I'm not proficient or competent (yet). Our company is small enough that we can generally be fairly responsive to a small to medium sized business's needs. We do monitor the web sites we manage 24 hours a day but we are small (usually just me) so we may or may not respond in a matter of minutes to site or hosting problems.

Give us a call or send us an email - we'd love to help you if we can.